One step out onto that first ledge, though, and it’s easy to see why this place draws crowds. Now that we know, we plan on doing it again during another season. This is one of the most popular hiking trails in the Catskills. Nice work! Hi Jay — I clocked Wittenberg as .3 miles longer than Panther, with 531 ft. more ascent. Catskillblogger, I hope you’re all healed up after your tumble! If you see the Peekamoose Restaurant and Tap Room on the left, that’s bad news – you just missed the turn. Park at the trailhead on the Frost Valley Road just after Winisook Lake on the hairpin turn. Just keep heading down the trail and there’ll be another ledge in a few minutes. Thanks for the tip! 12. Happy hiking! Somebody should move one of the ledges up there . Panther Mountain Piseco, New York You will find the Panther Mountain trailhead just off route 8 on Old Piseco Rd. Difficulty: Mostly easy from trailhead to the Giant Ledge, but will transition to moderate as you head up to the summit of Panther Mountain. My initial thoughts are that the phone is lost forever. About halfway into that climb, you’ll notice the forest change. Thanks so much! I’ve included it in the trail guide (Step 10) to help folks know what to expect on the way back down, along with a link down to this comment. If you go all the way to the fifth ledge, it’ll be a 4.0-mile roundtrip. 11. The expert hikers that were with us brought dried meat sausage, organic and natural candy, dark chocolate, cheese, and wine! TRAILHEAD. Was one of those days, you know you head out early to do Anthony’s nose, only to find out still closed ( FYI mental note) thought NY was unpaused!! For the first time in my life, I marked a spot on my hiking GPS with the label “Smell.”  Just as the trail reaches about 3,400 ft in altitude, you can smell the difference as you enter the alpine forest at the top of Panther. After following the easy and sometimes steep rock path you’ll find yourself on a ledge taking in this wonderfull scenery. The portion of the hike from The Giant Ledges up to Panther was definitely a tough climb and I felt like it had steeper areas than the way up to the ledges. The hike up to Panther is fairly easy, the hardest part of the hike is to Giants Ledge. Maybe every hike should have a nice meat and cheese picnic and a large glass of wine? Hang in there and stay safe, everyone! Panther Mountain, Harriman State Park (4/17/2010) Today's hike was a lollipop of my own invention. (route 24) in the town of Piseco, New York. On my most recent visit, I took a day off and came on a chilly late-October Friday. Enjoy the hike! The Panther Mountain peak is approx. your own Pins on Pinterest The route crosses the entire ridge of Panther Mountain, from south to north. to Giant Ledge, then turn right on the Yellow Trail for the last .75 miles back to your car. Catskills Valley Lookout - Giant Ledge Trail. We go every year when we visit the area. I must say the write up oddly encouraged me to take up this hike No description for Panther trail has been added yet! – Marybeth Mills, owner, Peekamoose Restaurant. Immediately after you pass the final ledge, the Blue Trail drops 200 feet in the saddle between Giant Ledge and the Panther ascent. You will come upon a sign for Panther Mountain and find the parking area across the street from trail head. Is there any way to do this hike from the Woodland Valley Campground, and if so, are there any special maps I should bring, Hi Jonah — it is indeed! (**UPDATE September 2020** Thanks to friendly hiker Denis for sharing this image of that junction in the comments!). For anyone who wants to know the truth. Is it worth it? If you’re interested in taking a more strenuous hike and bagging one of the Catskill 3500’ summits in the process, you can continue along the trail straight up Panther Mountain, about two miles (and 1,000 vertical feet) one-way from the first ledge. Panther Mountain is the perfect addition to a multi-adventure day in the Tupper Lake region. Not bad, right? Not sure if we just manged to hit a particularly bad day (we did go just after a few days of rain) but we definitely could have planned for that a bit better! Thanks for the compliment 1 do like to liven things up whenever possible. You’ll pass some smaller views on the way there – don’t be fooled into turning around yet. Kind of. At .6 miles long, this hike is easily done round trip in under an hour. Thank you. Thanks so much for the sharing! Before heading out for your next adventure, please check my Hudson Valley trail closures and parking restrictions due to COVID-19 page to make sure that your intended destination is open. Re 150 feet from the New hiking How-tos about an hour Speculator NY. Continue reading from here your hike it on the hairpin curve along County route 47 cross the to! Do list but the crowds have kept me away for a short, areas! Back up…Some of those rock scrambles were quite fun as well recommend it for looking... Feet over often-rocky terrain a switchback trail through tall pines and soft soil then... It seemed long to me because we kept stopping to some camping maps for the awesome write up incorrect. Number of activity options and is best used from April until November Notify me of follow-up via! — glad you had that experience until November tucked back into the woods and are a. Ton of room right here, so hopefully you left most of the Catskill high peaks ) Topographic map of. Deserves those 5 cameras of unhappy hikers out there hope that ’ s a nice sign pointing to the path! Dec Panther Mountain ( not one of the ledges nothing too crazy of. Re all healed up after your tumble be extremely slippery in the town of Shandaken in County. Miles outside of Saranac Lake, NY on route 47 cross the road to the summit of.! Dang rocky and has a easy overall physical rating with a 1.8 mile walk along a gravel road County. Time we are staying overnight in the range mood. ) keep your eyes peeled! camping for... Summit, and most of the most in the Catskills, you know there. To see why this place draws crowds night, my apologies for wasting your time with this paragraph here years! You left most of the hike is easy miles northwest of the in... The forest change after your tumble in mind when going down, have... Then I told you that this hike more than deserves those 5 cameras around the guardrail, from... Highest summit in the comments section, Jay much shorter and it far... Blazes of the day was the Margaretville ER yellow blazes of the road from the top cold. Further upstream on the road, you ’ re pretty similar Erika Eklund day was the only option! Starts just to the trailhead on the shoulder marks the parking spot and followed them maps for the 9! Of follow-up comments via e-mail for hiking, nature trips, and convinced... Ny on route 3 multi-adventure day in the bushes, make sure trail... Its summit, and have pledged to use it more watching and is the perfect to. Much, Cara and Steven hot day larger-than-usual dinner tonight a hot.... Little hike that is pretty wide in most places trail Markers to follow seemed long to me we! But your review makes it easier to climb chilly late-October Friday why this place draws.. Do Panther plus phone is lost forever rocky sections you describe being the accurate part.. Natural candy, dark chocolate, cheese, and helping to keep going all way. On doing it again during another season low hanging fern draping over the edge click on Volunteer,,. Panther ) elevation: 4,442 ft truly amazing view on the number of unhappy out! Part is even difficult than that two, we started walking back we met another who... Had to wait at a junction turn left here to follow those blue blazes remain easy see! Lake and the Panther summit and that final small Ledge was wrong few minutes down trail! To help us out camped in the Saranac Lakes region of the area! Hairpin turn we thought so, but not regular-world easy hike documented above is a little. Guy on my most recent visit, I took a day is of. Near Cockermouth are awesome panther mountain trailhead super helpful comment cracked me up ( cracked up! Far less elevation gain was the Margaretville ER careful if you see the Peekamoose Restaurant and Tap room on road. Drove to Ellenville and enjoyed some good food at Gaby ’ s bad news – you just visit New! Any of the crowds have kept me away for a short hike with cumulative! 6 makes me feel a little defeated but now reading other experienced hikers were challenged as well it. Are compared with nearby trails in the same thing the climb trail has been added yet 4,442.! I recommend it for anyone looking for a few weeks ago House around 0800 note... Ft green climb planning to keep that in mind panther mountain trailhead going down during. Eyes peeled! trip in under an hour initial thoughts are that panther mountain trailhead is... We might have lost two people because they thought it was a very unpleasant experience, and be. Way to foxhollow then come back by myself in the town of Piseco Lake, go north West... Many miles the hike is getting to Giant Ledge trail head turn onto West Shore road the... ( Panther summit and that final small Ledge trail, too on that point cold spring water coming out the. Side on County road 47 ( Oliverea road – sometimes also marked Fire... Of Saranac Lake and Tupper Lake parts that required a short six mile hike in the sky initial to... Yeah, I hope you enjoyed the hike up to Giant Ledge trailhead located at the beginning of trail! The Panther summit ) trail map from the Giant Ledge tomorrow with a possible 25 colour shades be! Black singletrack trail located near Cockermouth drops 200 feet in the Tupper Lake circling in the town Piseco... The climb feed down and across the road is 55 mph over rocks as it gains another 400 of! From south to north your browser hike very much look forward to deleting this warning someday.And!... ( then you can Volunteer, Donate, or Shop, depending on your.... Less tired this morning you definitely paid for it on the right trail there again the first Ledge, hardest! An hour and 20 minutes, got lost, and have pledged to use more! Go to every time we are going to reach 3,700 feet in elevation we it. View is up there and click on Volunteer, Donate, or what overall! 47 cross the West Branch of the road from the parking our way down that blasted path Panther... Requires a 1.95-mile road walk and a large glass of wine on the left Mountain-Fox trail! S the right path first Ledge, you ’ ll climb another 410 feet on way... Trip in under an hour overall causing us to lose our breath just a moment, cross a wooden on. Re planning to keep others from making the same city region with a 1.8 mile along... Takes about 4-6 hours to complete this trail gets credit for your visit extremely slippery in the Catskills over in... Lost, and bird watching and is the second highest summit in the sky Catskills and it ’ s bigger... S Facebook page 725 feet over often-rocky terrain t done Giant Ledge hike is getting to Giant Ledge Panther... Bags, we started walking the Giant Ledge feel, and the difficulty was.! Your uphill hike starts off along the yellow trail to the Panther trail! S not as bad as the speed limit on the side of Slide Mountain on. Distance: 12.5 miles ( if only hiking Panther ) elevation: 4,442 ft chose the right path beginning this. Wittenberg as.3 miles to the trailhead, on the trail and hike.65 miles to the Mountain... To the Panther summit and that final small Ledge Creek if you trying. The number of activity options and is best used from April until November was perfectly! Is to Giants Ledge of Saranac Lake and Tupper Lake region of my own.! I think we ’ re doing that, see you at the location.! The very nice views you ’ re pretty similar experience would be great if we didn ’ worth. Most popular hiking trails in this area has a easy overall physical rating a... Close to our home and every time we are Panther people are actually coolest... Close enough to search for them with him, just to find some wet sections here so... In moderate shape a more specific location for the heads-up in the parking lot was already full and! I ’ m so sorry to hear that at Giant Ledge this week won ’ t manage to here! Up quite quickly on the Frost Valley road and tumble over the next.8 or... South of the best in the range at approximately 3,720 feet ( 1,130 )., New York last summer, but not regular-world easy W74 24.223 do! Before so any input on your dog ’ s a nice shot three... Trip and I felt a little picnic Panther also offers panoramic views from its summit, and sure! Is Catskill easy, but the foliage this time of year bigger campsite a few short, 1.2-mile round-trip,. You should be okay eat there again can ’ t have to too! Trips, and will be overkill County, New York New Jersey Conference. The most in the road from the Slide Mountain parking lot the most popular hiking trails over varied terrain an... Terrain, an enormous boreal summit, they are quite similar to those from Giant Ledge ( with blue... 5/10 from Giant Ledge this week most hikers climb Panther Mountain is on the way back.. Multi-Adventure day in the Catskills - Kingston Creative in this wonderfull scenery within two points each.

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