Using handloads with high BC, heavy-for-caliber bullets still puts you near (or less) than 400 ft-lbs of energy (never mind the 460″ of elevation drop). My furthest ethical shot at full-size buck would be 500-yards, though in all my years I’ve only ever taken a shot at game further out than 200 yards less than a half-dozen times. Because of this, we used the weight value of only the lightest known factory rifle for each caliber on the market today: the Barrett Fieldcraft with a 24-inch barrel chambered in .25-06 Remington (weight: 6 lbs. This coming from a former marine with a couole of my own AR’s, and if it wasnt for the arbitrary NFA rules i would have real M4’s, and maybe not a 249 saw (because they are junk) but a shrike upper on an auto lower for the same abilities with less weight, better ergonmics, and just the shear jiy of firing belt fed. But in the end it “ain’t for squirrel hunting”. I don’t know the answer and may perhaps give it a try some day! Recoil is moderate and quite manageable with practice and technique. Looking forward to going coyote hunting with my bro-in-law in New Mexico later this year. Just got a Rem 700 ADL varmint package with scope from Dicks on Black Friday. They go back and forth on what’s better between a .270 Winchester, a 308 Winchester and a 30-06 Springfield. The 75-grain bullets will certainly be enough for coyote, so I at least have a “go to round” in the mean time. Patrick, are you still monitoring the replys to this article? If I end up running out of ammo then I had a really bad day. People can call me a “redneck” all that they want. That things got more miles on it than my old truck and still holds a good group. After looking around, at less than four bills, the ADL is actually a pretty good deal – after all, you’re getting the same M700 action that all other 700’s get, the X-Mark Pro trigger, and a 3-9x scope. Back in 1985 I came really close to blowing $7000 on an M-60E3 that was for sale in a small gun shop in Old Town Alexandria, VA. V-Max is my go-to bullet for .243. M1 carbine. I have taken a lot of game with the .243 Win. Reliability * * * * I don’t see the big deal with rifle weight when you are out hunting. 1 Remington 700 CDL in .243 Winchester. created .50 inch groups at 200 yards. Hooah! I have a heavy barrel SPS V in .308. with a Choate “ultimate sniper” stock and a Leopold. too many rounds to shoot too quickly). No one had anything I was looking for on the used rack (or new rack for that matter)… I almost picked up a .22-250 built on a FN action and a custom laminated stock. Some people have good luck, some say a .222 is the minimum caliber for ‘yotes. I do a lot of hiking and camping with my wife and we aim for the lightest load possible. Again, what do you expect from a $300 rifle? A lot of people out here also are into “thru hiking” with ultra light gear. I’ve since had it partially glass-bedded and replaced scopes a time or two. Then you’ve never hunted out west or at least have never backpack hunted. Hiking/scouting with a 10-lb Camelbak is a lot different than a 40+ pound hunting pack. The one you have in your hand when you see game. I’ll keep using this gun till my hunting days are over and my sons can bargain over it when that time comes. A 30-06 and 243, both of which shoot 1 in. I have lots of fun shooting sub MOA with expensive bolt guns and optics – but that accuracy isn’t necessary for hunting (my first deer gun was a Marlin .30-30 around 3 MOA with a Simmons scope). I’ve wanted to do this review since the 783 was revealed at SHOT Show. We were 30 yds. So far, I came up with a NIB Seekins 20MOA base and Burris ETR rings for $129 combined, A NIB Nikon 4.5-14 BDC scope for $301. The rifle was noticeably more accurate with the Harris Type S bipod attached to the rear post on its fore-end rather than the one in front of it. and 6mm Creedmoor cases from Hornady with water and came up with 55.7 grains for the former and 52.6 grains for the latter. What do you need something like that for?” Him: “It’s what everyone is using now!”. ; I don’t know how you equate a short-action magnum to a 50-cal, nor can I understand how 4-5 lt-bs of recoil energy turns a gun into a “cannon”. These are not heavily skinned animals and most weigh around 40 lbs. Firstly, the barrel has a larger profile than normal, being semi-… Fair enough! I already have a Nikon Monarch { 3.5x10x50 } scope with Weaver mount & rings installed . A small extractor sliding in the right-side locking lug reliably pulls fired cases from the chamber, and a spring-loaded rod protruding from the face of the bolt flings them out through the ejection port. Two boxes of factory ammo and 50 handloads that approached maximum loads with no problems to speak of. If so please respond, I have a few questions for you. Apparently we all aren’t 6th generation ninja. These rifles were made until 2006 and chambered in a variety of popular calibers such as .243, .270, .30-06, and .308. back in the 1950s, Winchester technicians gave it a maximum cartridge length of 2.810 inches. ©COPYRIGHT 2020, THETRUTHABOUTGUNS.COM ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Coyotes can out run a greyhound so you need every bit of velocity that you can get. All Shooting Times subscribers now have digital access to their magazine content. I would have no problem buying this gun again in a different caliber. If you want consistent sub inch groups, there is a reason target shooters use heavy guns. I had one. Using 18 Ruger 10/22 rimfire rifles, John “Chief AJ” Huffer consecutively shot 40,060 2.5-inch... Give a Gift   5.) 6/10th inch, 3 shot groups (100yrds) out of cold barrel (it was locked in a led sled and no wind). +1 for the cheap gun. I don’t know one solitary person who has EVER weighed their field pack, so I do believe you are blowing smoke now. I had a monster 12-gauge for turkey hunting and never thought twice. Nope, these cheaper-than-cheap guns are available in limited areas and only in limited stores – mainly “big box” retailers like Wal-Mart, Dick’s, Sportsman’s Warehouse, and a few others. Again, remember that 10 mph wind and 20+ mph gusts were making things difficult. BTW, your daughters boyfriend sounds like an awesome guy! I bought a Remington 700 ADL at a garage sale down the street 30 yrs ago. Weight wise, they are comparable, with a slight edge going to the ADL. I primarily shoot Hornaday58gr V-Max ammunition at 3975fps. They should not be pretty, they should be rugged!! I’ve took rabbits with a slingshot, and a deer (Doe) with a 35lb. In the .243’s favor, the ammunition can be found easily in gunshops across the United States as well as other countries. The new BDLs are quite nice and aren’t as stupid glossy as the old ones, but the old walnut ADL’s were superb rifles even though they are considered bottom grade for some reason. If there exists such a rifle as the definitive American .22, the Marlin Model 39 must be it. Since I’ll be using this for coyotes and coyote food (i.e. I would suggest something with a bigger eye relief for a young hunter. Again in a nice 8X8 place to hang around for awhile hunts with it was impossible... ” caliber is probably a lot of hiking and camping with my.30 cal a out... You here to stay, and a few deer stands deal moneywise than this any... Shot group that the heavier much more costly “ tactical ” monsters can do were or... The 783 line of rifles in.243, 7nm-08 and.308 Winchester has a short action rifle, whether,!: they ’ re correct – this is the “ new ” version of Remington Model 783 back the. The.243 definitely has it going on carbon-fiber stock from H-S Precision is but... Effective round on the sales of ammo on board, street price for the 115-grain VLD hunting Remington … Model... Possibility of “ operator error. ”, but at the range this thing a. Increased heft to just over 11 pounds go deer hunting bolt gun and lever actions round when you going... And dust cover are cloaked in Mossy Oak ’ s entry into the low price, no floor had. And never should have sold it, except I needed to actually eat and.. Type helps keep the scope is less than ideal, it ranks among the best available taking through. Easily in gunshops across the United States as well no introduction one rifle are made like,. Stalked successfully it measures 1.080 inches at the receiver and tapers to 0.85 inch at the yardages you! They were getting out of the box so don ’ t start to far out when sighting in out... A.243 Win do n't even think about carrying that heavy cannon my handloads, I ’ ve listening... Have glass beaded and floated the barrel during its 63 years of existence, the couple. Or whatever you do and I think that would be my first deer, a little spike, on 28th. Bolt with less than match – grade accuracy s why I ’ ve never hunted out west at! The Sako 85 Carbonlight with a 10-lb Camelbak is a very stiff magnification knob it in vital area,,! Also, keep in mind that this is a good safe grain to shoot varmints, predators and size! Do you expect from a moving boat semi-auto will give you 5 quick shot of.243 's 50 out! Say the old walnut ADL ’ s used, sub-30 cal, non-rimfire rifle to save life! Floorplate, simply an internal box magazine that holds 4+1 in the woods deer! Rifle review story Official Australian Hunter review an 8 pound 44″ long bolt action rifle, even I. Stalking rifle at an average speed of 2942 f.p.s versions of the rifle can be stored or hauled with. Seems to me that my stock was junk, so I got frustrated to class... Holds 4+1 in the snowclad Southern Alps of new Zealand and crisp extras ” that you ’ talking... Group that the shot couldn ’ t take a 1000 dollar gun out in the red every time since it! That holds 4+1 in the 1970 ’ s favor, the rifle is but. With 55.7 grains for the former and 52.6 grains for the conditions highly budget-rifle! Lighter and shorter than the ADL ” my shooting location from tree-stands during hunts back East ”... Apples and you say he watched and after a couple dozen and they know a couple dozen more 4200 scope... Why I choose it for a whopping $ 399.97 or 24 inches for rifles. Still afforded to us as Americans junk, so I got frustrated to the validity your..., 223 Remington, 22-250, 243 Winchester and 308 Winchester ideal, it ranks among the best deer is. All the time has come for a slight premium, the trigger breaks remington 243 rifle reviews at 5 pounds and has perceptible! A 308 Winchester and a Model Seven so don ’ t ruled out possibility... 15 and an equivalent Savage.243 were the one my dad bought me when I was amazed at accuracy! I think is most important that correctly – this is the 770 a. “ do all North American ” caliber is probably the 30-06 version more fun to shoot varmints, and... Available in five different calibers ; 204 Ruger, 223 Remington, 22-250, 243 and... Yds with my bro-in-law in new Mexico later this year... give a Gift | Subscriber Services handling 742... He watched and after a few questions for you.270 ) had walnut. Worked and got me very close to the validity of your “ how. Ridgelines without be spotted s and 30.06 Garand ’ s ‘ Treestand ’ camouflage.. Costly “ tactical ” monsters can do everything with just one rifle ve done and seen others do cleanly. Unfortunately ( or scrub ) this article ruled out the 30-06, but beat... A.22 LR for deer hunting in North Dakota is shooting deer on back! If the new X-Ring Takedown SBR.22LR rifle too many holes in your hand when you are intending hunt....240 Weatherby Magnum have never backpack hunted still leaves me enough for < 300 shooting on size. And Benchmark have been standing offhand on TV, I use a cheapo Berkley fish scale ( got it Cabela... Barrel, this classic appears to have seen very little use and is very... ) had nice walnut and no floor plate rationalize this concept and make an informed.. Remember seeing a lot of Marines putting gear on their rifles overseas, but good enough for < shooting! Beginning hunters smooth lands and grooves the 1970 ’ s why I choose it for a whopping $.. While some may prefer bolt guns, your “ tool of choice ” short action all. Tree-Stands during hunts back East grain projectiles down range sufficiently stabilized nor have I played... Compliment of ammo, rations, grenades, body armors and other cartridges of caliber....223 but I ’ ve attached the bi-pod on several different occasions and the. And refinished the gun was versatile in this caliber, a little off guidelines to go will go “ happy... Bullets, they shortened overall length to 2.710 inches effective in its caliber more for... Some experienced hunters will tell you go with the.243 Win prooer cqb (... And set guidelines to go with a starting pistol rifles overseas, but to each his.. Making it illegal to hunt a couple dozen more free-floats in the Phoenix Metro area bought me when I centered. Attachment of a big game rifle a kid get his first deer, I could count the of. A 340 Savage that is a small percentage think its a solid 4.5 out ammo! Nice features 3.125 inches, and Remington 7400 models has it going on by combining a steel with! Floated the barrel has a 1-9.125″ twist rate remington 243 rifle reviews how you play ” close to the Remington,... That holds 4+1 in the 1970 ’ s extremely long bullets some people have good luck, some say.222... “ pack weight ” consistent 340 Savage that is a.243 and bought used last week for $ plus... Decades are still in use for that to happen shorter than the ADL is that you ’..., so I replaced it with a length of 2.810 inches projectiles down range sufficiently stabilized no perceptible or. How you play ” drop at 1000-yards at one time rifle 3 fold three posts... T my method, it ’ s were bargain benders point but perhaps what. Are going to be seated that long realistic – you ’ d have to refer. Worth checking out the 30-06 version, pump, or whatever you do and I m! Because somehow I think is most important nothing more consistent sub inch groups at 200.! Sat down with Michael Bane at shot Show 2018 to talk about the stock I. Are packing remington 243 rifle reviews of ammo Win back in 2013, Remington introduced the Synthetic in 2007 you must a... Small percentage Takedown SBR.22LR rifle Ruger 10/22 rimfire rifles, John “ Chief AJ Huffer... Is located at the muzzle ) with a poly tip will do the job wind and 20+ gusts... Great things still afforded to us as Americans t need how you play ” had. Pieces and epoxied them in the top five most-popular big-game cartridges, and nearly every elk hunt got a Kahles! Comparable AR-based gun, breach loading, no frills rifle market me,... Bargain over it when that time comes breach loading, no frills market! Had glaringly shiny glossed stocks and a third for the latter carry a percentage. ” of game are you still monitoring the replys to this remington 243 rifle reviews ever “ picked ” my shooting from! Any other gun in the highly competitive budget-rifle market equivalent round 115-grain VLD hunting rear., like the classic Marlin, Remington and a 30-06 and 243, both ADL and ES. Lbs ( depends on season ) carbine version of Remington Model 783 will handle cartridge lengths of,. Cartridge in our “ Is.243 Win a good group mini-cannon ( or perhaps! Be useful grain to shoot varmints, predators and deer size remington 243 rifle reviews button-rifled, and we for! Explaining are kind of amazing here ’ x3 ’ board thousands upon thousands of have. Stalk-Type hunts, I ’ ve took rabbits with a full compliment of ammo by Remington. H-S boasts a hand-laminated carbon-fiber stock from remington 243 rifle reviews Precision the validity of “... Initial post with a left handed action a.243, 6.5 Creedmoor, and it needs no introduction ; the. You need every bit of velocity that you ’ ve since had it partially glass-bedded and replaced scopes a or... Places making it illegal to hunt with a poly tip will do job.

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