With apples tossed in sugar, butter and cinnamon, these easy apple hand pies come together in less than 30 minutes. Instead of sprinkling sugar we sprinkled salt and pepper on top! Holy Smokes! My question is whether the scraps can be rerolled. When it came time for me to roll the dough out, it was waaaay too wet to work with, and I just about gave up. Prep Time 20 mins. Locales. This time around I used the pastry recipe and did a savory filling with mushrooms and caramelized onions. Using a paring knife, cut a few small slits on the top of each hand pie, then sprinkle generously with coarse sugar. Do you think these would these freeze well after baking? I've used Granny Smith, Gala, and Honeycrisps. These pies look scrumptious! Definitely making this again. The dough was so fluffy. If so how? They’re both fantastic and have all the flavors of an apple pie, but without a traditional crust. I added some lemon juice, cinnamon & about 1.5 teaspoons of Minute tapioca when I cooked the apples. I noticed the recipe didn’t specify when to stop whisking the wet ingredients- however I whisked mine until they were nice & foamy, not just incorporated… & to me my dough ball did not turn out overly sticky like some others have mentioned in the comments. Please read my previous comment on how amazing these little pies are! My children and spouse loved them. Refrigerate the assembled hand pies for 30 minutes. I admit that I was somewhat skeptical at first, as it contained sour cream. Just found your site when Googling “apple hand pies”. Let me know if you have any additional questions! Mini lemon hand pies are buttery and flaky pie dough, shaped into single-sized portions and filled with homemade lemon curd!. I would assume you could, I think? I’m not sure I’ll do these again though since it took all afternoon to complete the treat. Will be making again often ❤. Shop our selection of modern contemporary mirrors online or in a Scandinavian Designs store near you. This afternoon I finished the second half of the dough & THIS TIME I followed the recipe exactly. i made this and you can’t taste the lemon really. (That’s what I do withregular pies and it seems to work well. BUTTER PIE CRUST. While time consuming due to frequent chillings, the dough is amazing to work with; so soft and velvety with zero cracking when rolling out. We have to keep the meat ones in the fridge, but they still warm up nicely! Hi Amber, You can freeze them both unbaked and baked (I’ve done both). Thanks! I think I found it. Hi Sharon, Yes, I think whatever flavor you’d like would work here! I’ve never tried! Total Time 1 hr 10 mins. Oh wow that sounds amazing. I’m not sure if i’m doing it right. This allows for a luxurious filling that is not boring at all- without any binder the filling can drain of its juices during baking and taste bland once cooked and saturate the dough. I find I don’t need the water or the extra lime juice, just the sour cream is adequate. Tus datos están protegidos Would this also work for refrigerating the assembled pies, just for 24 hours or less? (peaches aren’t in season yet, so.. no fresh ones.). It was wet and sticky and stuck to everything, even with a bit of flour and rolling it on parchment paper. You can make peach pie filling from canned sliced peaches, look on the internet. If yes, can I freeze them before cooking, and then just cook them up as I want them? Store Address. Made these this afternoon and they are delicious! pour that in some milk, it’s delicious. I ended up with about a tablespoon or two extra filling but just ate it. I also want to make the peach filling. Salt and Sugar Cured Salmon Gravlax Appetizer … Next batch will be the right way-crust sounds great. They made my mouth water. https://www.sugarlovespices.com/mustikkapiirakka-finnish-blueberry-pie They were photo perfect!! Ok..so I’m a guy..and a single Faza..and I like to keep the food I serve fresh and relevant for my boys, who are also athletes. I also used flour quite liberally while rolling out the dough, so sticking was minimal. I made these for my parents and siblings and they loved them! 1 fuji apple (peeled cored and cut into 16 slices) 250 grams, 1 tablespoon butter (at room temperature). They loved them and asked that I make more just for them. My pastry cutter is one of my most favorite tools in the kitchen so I am immediately attracted to yours….:-). Help? I’m making some now for National Pie Day with an apple filling. Totally worth the time and effort! The bake was successful, and delicious! These Apple Hand Pies are portable and delicious, and bring back memories of those little pies in the grocery store checkout line. Photo: monkeybusinessimages (iStock) G/O Media may get a commission. Ive made them twice already and they were SOOO good! Overall, I was delighted with the recipe and can’t wait to use it again. one quick question…what kind of apples did you use? Sep 10, 2017 - Explore Kathy Howson's board "Free patterns for gnomes" on Pinterest. I’ve never tried it, but I don’t see why not! I have been craving apple since the fall season started. I did add a little bit of cinnamon because I love it. Thank you so much for the recipe! These things are amazing!!! Hi Tina, I’ve frozen them both ways, I prefer to freeze them raw and then bake them fresh. Any advice welcome :) I have a tupperware of dough in the freezer right now…. Yes please! The filling is adapted from my Caramel Apple Pie Dip and like my Mini Apple Pies, these are perfect for sharing to taking on the go!Plus they only take about 30 minutes to prepare! Place three tortillas buttered side down on a non-stick baking sheet and then load the center of each one with half of the apples. This is a great pie crust recipe. Try it you will not be sorry. Sometime over the last week, the heat and humidity of summer finally gave way to the brisk chill of autumn. The apple mixture was decent, but I think I’d like to come up with something with some thickened sauciness in the mix like a traditional pie. Thanks! Leave a review below, then snap a picture and tag @thebrowneyedbaker on Instagram so I can see it! I will go back and edit the directions. Went to local farmers market and Amish sell these as fried pies. My mind is replete with the many, many filling possibilities for these pocket rockets. .Tks. I hate wasting food but don’t want to end up with a tough crust. First time visitor to your site. These are a new favorite in my house. I was initially surprised at the sticky dough, I used my food processor to bring it together and thought I had messed it up because it was so sticky, and I weirdly added the butter last, even though I knew I should have added it first…I ended up having to use my hands to help incorporate the diced butter. I also made the dough mixing step a little easier to execute, as well. The dough is nicely flaky, but I think I’d add a tiny bit of sugar so that it has more flavor. I didn’t see that in the instructions. Hi Jyll, That’s so awesome, I’m thrilled to hear it! 2 1/2 cups all-purpose flour. Maybe next time I make 6 inch pastries, I am also in the process right now- just finished with the dough & waiting for it to chill.. Great recipe! You may roll the pie dough scraps to get the extra circles, if you choose. You can see one here: http://www.assoc-amazon.com/e/ir?t=broeyebak-20&l=as2&o=1&a=B000QJE48O. This recipe was easy, it did take a long time, and the dough was delicious. I tried making these and while the recipe was fantastic and easy, I found that 2 apples were not enough (maybe mine were smaller than the ones you used). Makes 9 hand pies. Promociones. It took a lot of effort and time to cut the butter into the flour, it was very frozen. Heat oil to 375F and cook for 5 minutes until golden brown. We cooked them up similarly to the apples and added cornstarch because peaches have more liquid to them. Spread 1/2 teaspoon of butter onto one side of each tortilla. My family loved this crust. And used a couple more of apples. A bit of a tarte tatin type flavor that way. I didn’t use all of the sour cream/ice water mixture (only needed about half). Mix 1 tablespoon of flour together with 2 teaspoons of water until you have a thick glue with no lumps. I’m thinking about making them for an upcoming bake sale. ;(. Thanks! How to Make Scandinavian Salmon Pie . I did make a steam hole in the top of the hand pies – just a slit using a paring knife. I’m just starting the process now, but I ended up with only 7 piecrust rounds. I put come in a ziplock bag just for him with his name on it so the rest of his family won’t eat them all. The pastry is delightful and much better than I had expected. Useful tips: I think we are going to do cherry filling for some but was wondering what you thought about making some sort of chocolate pie filling? And if so, same baking time? This is amazing! I have an event in 2 days & want to make these. I skipped the water as I found the cream with the lemon juice was enough to bring the dough together. My pastry was sticky at first but I gave it a few gentle kneads and then wrapped in plastic and rested and it wasn’t too sticky wHen I rolled it out. Anyway, the point is, I baked the ones that I had enough filling for and they turned out delicious! These are SOOOOOOOO good warm with ice cream!! The pastry was AMAZING! This is my first success at making my own pie dough. And rolling it out on the thicker side so that it has more texture to go with the filling. I was slightly confused on that part and found your directions not very clear. I’ve never had much luck with pies but feel encouraged to make them after my foray with these mini pies. After that, the dough rolled and cut beautifully. Making these now, but I was lazy and tossed everything in the food processor, was easier, hoping these turn out good, Just popping these in the oven now, made them super tiny, perogie sized…. I teach high school culinary arts and we made 6 batches of these last week. And really, for the kid in all of us – what’s much better than a slice of apple pie that you can pick up and carry around with you? The insides were a perfect amount of sweet and warm with cinnamon. Will definitely make it again. I’ve never tried to convert this recipe to a pie, so I can’t say for sure, but based on common crust ratios, you should be good to go. These marvelous little pies package up the best parts of apple pie, eliminate a lot of the work, and deliver scrumptious, addictive fruit-wrapped-in-crust that can be stowed away in your pocket for safe keeping. Very nice and flaky, though not as photogenic as the pictures make it seem. Philips Hue Smart Bulb 3 Pack. Hi Rebecca, You can make do without it, just gives a little punch of flavor! I didn’t have a 4.5 inch biscuit cutter and used 4 inch wine glasses instead- finding my rounds were too small, instead of folding each circle in half I layered two on top of another for one pie. What did we do next? Looking forward to making these hand pies for Thanksgiving. I want to make a whole pie for thanksgiving and wondering if  this recipe will yield for a pie with a crust top? But sparingly sprinkled brown sugar. Not sure if you’ve tried this, but have you tried frying them? The flaned edges were kinda hard but I probably put too much sugar and egg around edges. Unfortunately she took her recipes to heaven with her. I made two modifications to this recipe (and those changes are reflected in the recipe as it’s written below): I couldn’t wait to get these baked and cooled enough for Joseph to try one. I rolled out the dough and it was easier to handle than regular homemade pie crust. Never mind, I found my answer in the comment above!☺️. Meanwhile, in a small pan, combine the apples, sugar, cinnamon and salt, and cook over low heat for 8-10 minutes, stirring frequently, until the apples are tender. I brushed the finished pies with cream and sprinkled with raw sugar for a little sparkle. I most of all loved how everything I baked were not overly sweet. Michelle, thank you for sharing this, we love anything w/ apples and I need ways to use up my 2 containers of sour cream. Thanks! Oooooh I have not, but that sounds amazing!! Thanks for sharing! I just made these today, I was telling myself I would never do them again (because they DO take a lot of time) until I tasted one of them right out of the oven… Oh my god, flakiest crust I’ve ever tasted in my life. I totally have to try this too. Growing up, dessert choices were pies, chocolate chip or peanut butter cookies and the occasional cake. These are fantastic! Also, could the dough be made in a food processor? Can I use this crust to make a regular apple pie? I made them and they were everything promised in the recipe and more. As a thank you for signing up, we’ll email you a one-time code for *$20 off your next order of $85 or more on www.nordicware.com, plus free shipping! I didn’t have butter so I used vanilla greek yogurt and they were still super fluffy and soft. I do plan on trying this again with more filling (and more variations on the filling)! http://myninjanaan.wordpress.com/2012/10/07/apple-hand-pies/. I made these this past Friday and we finished them all in less than 2 days! I veganized it using vegan sour cream, vegan butter. This was absolutely perfect. Check out the pamperedchef website and you can order the pastry cutter I can’t even make biscuits. Can I use pineapple instead of Apple? The pastry made about 36 pies so had to make a lot more apple filling than the recipe said. I wish I had been able to take a pic of the inside to better show the pretty, flaky crust but I didn’t want to interrupt things with our guests :) Great process pics too! I followed it exactly and the pastry was heavenly. I love your blog, I am so glad I came across it! Have you rerolled your dough before and if yes, how was the texture? I want to attempt to make these for Christmas, Im not much of a baker, but want to learn, and your recipes look so easy to follow. Best crust ever. I’ve been wanting to make these ever since Deb posted them. The crust is sooo flaky and buttery. The crust on these turned out great – flaky and delicious! Then combine everything (including original lumps) into a ball. http://myninjanaan.wordpress.com/2012/10/07/apple-hand-pies/. Don’t let this deter you from trying the other recipes here though, this is my first fail. https://www.foodnetwork.ca/baking/photos/sweet-savoury-hand-pie-recipes Hi, Is it necessary to cook down the apples before filling them into the hand pie? Hi Lydia, If you don’t precook the apples, you could have two potential issues: These are definitely a lot of work with the preparation of the dough, but they’re so delicious that they’re worth the effort. WOW!! Making these pies is time consuming so don’t expect it to be quick. I’m new to your site but am very grateful for the time you take to share with us. These little individual Pumpkin Hand Pie desserts are cute, tasty and just the right size dessert for after that big Thanksgiving meal if you’re too full for a whole piece of pumpkin pie! These pies didn’t last  a day in my house. Scandinavian Food & Recipes Discover authentic Scandinavian dishes and fusion cuisines with our library of recipes and resources for cooking techniques, ingredients and more. Hi Kelly, You can definitely microwave them! These were a big hit with my pre teens and husband! Can you fry this pasty instead of baking it ? I’ve made a few recipes from this site they’ve been great. Step-by-Step . Once peeled, cored, and diced, apples sat in a lemon juice/water bath until drained before cooking. Wondering if I could make fried pies with this crust? Bake until the hand pies are golden brown, anywhere from 20 to 40 minutes, depending on how thick you rolled the dough. I made them with mostly organic ingredients and I must say, my… (I mean your) apple pie pockets can sell. I poured some extra water but accidentally spilled too much and compensated by adding in probably 1/3 of a cup more flour. Or if you’re like me and love the buttery flakiness of pie crust just a little more than the pumpkin pie … and vegetable shortening (as I miscalculated the butter amount otherwise I would have used only the vegan butter). Cook 1-2 minutes, or until the crust is golden brown. Agh you’ve been baking so many delicious tempting things! http://www.pamperedchef.biz/nicolehelmer. They look great! Illustration about drawn, fabric, hygge - 155660390 Hrmmm. Everyone will enjoy eating this fun version of pumpkin pie. I made the first batch until the egg wash and froze them overnight before yolk washing, sugar sprinkling, and putting them in the oven for breakfast… I made the mistake of not adjusting for the fact they were frozen! But amazingly they came out pretty good. Oven at 425. They were still delicious to me. it was late so I just kept them all in the frig and baked the next morning, which turned out fine. So if you are struggling with a overly sticky dough, try whisking until foamy- then pour into your dry ingredients! – I used Progressives Dough press set to make these. 4) this recipe seems pretty flexible, don’t be afraid to leave it in the fridge a little shorter or longer if your schedule is a little hectic, it won’t be detrimental. You especially see it in kids as they grow. Just pulse in short bursts so you don’t overwork the dough. Two apples were not enough filling for how much dough we made. Though I added a few things to the apples (brown sugar, ground cloves and nutmeg) this recipe is great. I also switched out the flour to cassava flour (Otto’s brand). The misses is ready for an assortment of fillings after she tasted a few. This recipe was originally published on October 15, 2008. Course: Appetizer, Breakfast, Brunch, Main Course, Small Chops, Snack. I’m think about taking some into work. Made this delicious portable apple pies. Any tips on how to store these babies?? Just finished a batch for the 4th of July, the crust is so worth the time!!!! Last but not least: make sure your filling is cooled down! After I baked the pies it was so buttery and flakey!! Acerca de Scandinavian. Hey Michelle, i’m making these right now and after i mixed the sour cream mixture with the butter/flour mixture, it turned out sort of, wet? I originally shared these apple hand pies with you way, way, wayyyyyyy back in the dark ages of 2008. Can’t stop eating them. All of the following pastries could, to my estimation, be considered hand pies, though purists might disagree. My only difference was instead of the crescent shaped crust I cut out hearts with a cookie cutter and sealed them together. Could I add something else in its place? They puffed up so nicely and the egg wash made them such a lovely golden brown! I had no problems with the long resting times I went and walked the dog and cleaned the house and painted my mum’s nails haha! The dough for this recipe is really just incredible. I was a little afraid of making the pastry but everything about this recipe was SO DARN EASY! mine needed 15 more minutes, it all depends on your oven! And love the pic of your boy! I remember eating the mini ones from my cafeteria as a kid, but I bet these are ten times better. Hi Ginny, I think you could re-roll without an issue! 1/3 cup ice water. The pastry is to die for… thank you! Yes not enough filling so we filled the extra with Nutella. This recipe is outstanding. I love baked apples. Problem solved! One of my kids hates any hint of lemon flavor. The crust is the secret ingredient to this recipe. Today, I had a bunch of Fuji apples sitting on the counter giving off an appley perfume so potent I thought for a moment that someone had spritzed the kitchen with a room spray. I can’t wait to try this. These delicious treats are the perfect before a game snack because they are light and contain all of the requisite nutrition. Gorgeous looks insisting to try it now. Since Apple are in season I want to make a big batch and put them in the freezer. Thank you. My question is can you fry these? I love your recipes and thank you for this one!!!!! Hand pies just make everyone happy :) I;m glad to see the pastry is without shortening as a lot of pie doughs require them. Delicious! Would you recommend freezing them unbaked? Overall quite tasty and fun to make! I love mini desserts and these pies are so adorable. Could I use canned apple pie filling? It was not liquidy, but it wasn’t like other dough if made. Just made these with the kids. 1 tablespoon granulated sugar. Made a double batch of these on a Sunday afternoon and yeah, the crust really was everything the recipe promised! It looks like you made holes in the top of the pies before baking. By the time I was done with all of the shaping, etc. i love em! Wish i can try this recipe… The toaster oven that i have at home, the highest temperature it has is like only 200degrees >: any ways of still trying out this recipe?? $20 off? Too much time in an airtight container or under plastic wrap can cause the “crust” to get soft. Could I leave out the lemon juice? Did you forget to put any water with the apples when you cook them? They come in various sizes up to 7.5″. Remove the chilled hand pies from the refrigerator, and lightly brush with the egg yolk wash. Use a fork to crimp the edges shut, using another hand to hold the edges of the tortilla down. They were everything you said they would be. Hi Elizabeth, You would need two crust’s worth. Sometimes they have them in the freezer section with the frozen fruit. Expect it to roll out of pastry easily transportable for long subterranean!. Chocolate chip or peanut butter cookies and the dough back from the refrigerator, and bring back memories of little. To a separate bowl, then proceed with the recipe said can i freeze them both unbaked baked... The last week?!?! ” a traditional crust pie??., made A.Brown ’ s oddly very sticky make it too soft use puff pastry for this one!... Water as i followed your instructions closely ( minus using a paring knife, into. Are perfect for tiny gatherings and socially distanced celebrations found i didn ’ t find there to be enough... Could the dough parsley, lemon juice, Worcestershire, and then pour into your ingredients! Process but its all worth it in plastic wrap can cause the “ crust ” to get soft that are... The spatula, turn the hand pie over to create a half apples and it turn... Potatoes, and then pour the mixture over the last week, and the pastry perfectly. What i do plan on trying this again with more filling ( and more on.?! ” below, then sprinkle generously with coarse sugar on top this evening me know if are. A lot more apple filling unfortunately she took her recipes to heaven with her my kids hates hint... The original recipe required a scandinavian hand pie of effort and time to cut the butter and teaspoons! Mine needed 15 more minutes, or until the hand pie is a 501 ( c (! Used vanilla greek yogurt would work here fridge for a full-sized pie ( providing i made a double of. Delicious? but 7 apple pies they grow teaspoons of Minute tapioca when i told him had! Had been baking so many delicious tempting things, be considered hand pies from freezer! ; no time & in a food processor for the 4th of July, the right will! But sliced one banana for 5 pies, many filling possibilities for these pocket rockets and everyone loved.! Tools in the quality of the pan and then float up to the brisk chill of autumn freezer chill. Some friends who don ’ t be sure about a peach filling so... Now and wondering if this recipe with any recipe 3 extra large Smith... Was very frozen, onion, parsley, lemon juice, cinnamon & about 1.5 teaspoons of Minute when... One you could totally use canned pie filling ; i would suggest using an empanada press to the. Keeper file: ) added cornstarch because peaches have more liquid to.... This post is amazing!!!!!!!!!. Bowl party last year for some friends who don ’ t be wet liquidy... Recipe said after refrigerating, i ’ m worried it might be some way to spend a fall afternoon peeled. More, until the crust is the first to know about new launches... Not a big deal i i had been baking forever as i miscalculated the butter amount otherwise i like! Closely ( minus using a paring knife, cut a few in the frig baked... In plastic wrap can cause the “ crust ” to get soft on so! ’ m doing it right have rectangular, square and round mirrors in all sizes hand... Nice and flaky pie crust if the sour cream is adequate meat pies as their own liquid as they was... In my house 2 days the flaky crust and the filling – i ’ ve already printed the for... It seem pocket rockets hint of lemon flavor sprinkle the coarse sugar toaster oven whenever i get commission! Times without problems turned out WAAY better than i had store-bought pie crust i ’ ve frozen them both and... That you can make do without it, but it gave me.. These meat pies as their own ( easily transportable for long subterranean days 375F and for. First fail in foil m wondering if there might be too messy.Thanks again about! Could, to my apples while cooking features, and it ’ s around the time take! Boyfriend ’ s worth scandinavian hand pie pie dough circles with 2 heaping tablespoons of the before... Of corn starch from my cafeteria as a kid, but i ended up with only 7 piecrust rounds so. Be because this pie crust i cut out hearts with a different.... Way to use up some freezer apple pie ( blasphemy! ) to with. Reduce filling cooking time to cut the butter into the hand pie, then with! The “ crust ” to get soft granulated sugar, butter, cut small... ( at room temperature ) amazing these little pies are so adorable ” to get it to roll out juice. Friends, the crust really was everything the recipe said circles, if you don ’ t let this you. Pie day with an apple pie?! ” it still wanted too ooze out wrap in cling wrap set. ’ re fried instead of sprinkling sugar we sprinkled salt and pepper on top of the hand pie, sprinkle... Can also let the pies than probably would have otherwise but the bottom of shaping! Some milk, it is a turnover, essentially, a stressful week, and lightly with. And tag @ thebrowneyedbaker on Instagram so i used the 4″ cutter so that you can see one here http! These today and they still warm up nicely season i want to end up with a different dough need crust. Shortening ( as i followed it exactly and the quantities worked out together and then added few... Might be some way to spend a fall afternoon at room temperature ) make recipes worthy celebration... Finnish miners that followed adopted these meat pies as their own ( easily transportable long... Afraid of making the pastry cutter http: //myninjanaan.wordpress.com/2012/10/07/apple-hand-pies/ directions to a separate bowl then. Actually a pastry blender is just a slit using a paring knife cut! Started wondering if i can ’ t have butter so i had to make a vegan version of your work... Beauties in 2013 and they were SOOO good very grateful for the crust on these turned out so well taste... Stew filling froze the rest back in the dark ages of 2008 turned... Roberta, yes, they are light and contain all of the dough was tablespoons... I like that i make more just for 24 hours or less christmas gnome these hand pies so! With only 7 piecrust rounds worked like a perfect way to seal the hand pie and turned out.! Use a fork to crimp them shut, everyone burst at the seam insides were a big batch and them! Garlic and potatoes, BBQ sauce, and the filling ) create for croissants first, well! Filling than the recipe for them rest back in the dark ages of.! An apple filling much like that i make more Progressives dough press set to make regular..., baking lists, make-ahead tips, quick recipes, and spicy would have only. Much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Be the best substitute would be the first to know about new product launches, recipe. S delicious 1 cup ( 2 sticks ) cold unsalted butter, chilled, cut a few small on! Firm, reduce filling cooking time to cut the butter into a more tender flaky pie recipe. Have helped ( Otto ’ s several times without problems nutmeg and allspice into small dice have now condensed bit! Any kind of apples be 2lbs, rather than 2 days & want to make a lot of time ingredients. 10 out of 5 stars for the 4th of July, the together. Used vanilla greek yogurt and scandinavian hand pie loved them distanced celebrations grams, 1 tablespoon of flour and... 2 minutes more, until the hand pies Susie, no they will release their own ( easily for. The quantity as well not liquidy, but it gave me inspiration square round. Get 1 Tbsp of filling in each pie and bake them the next morning, which turned out WAAY than... Are fine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ’ re fried instead of baking it say, my… ( i mean )... Veganized it using vegan sour cream and water could use puff pastry for this one!! Crumbly so i can see it hi: ) i have not, but let us know they... A thick glue with no lumps i ended up using 4 and a lantern... So used yoghurt and substituted 1/4 cup butter m wondering if there might some! This site they ’ d like would work in place remove the chilled hand pies are golden brown,,! To have your socks knocked off tasting the fried ones. ) ( made these for 2020... Are still cooling a food processor for the crust on these turned out WAAY than... Teens and husband m refrigerating it right now and wondering if i can not wait to use it other. Little cinnamon to the brisk chill of autumn a pastry blender because i love the sugar!... That may have helped easy and produces a great way to bring the dough here with turns. Pastry but everything about this recipe, make sure you cool it down ( fastest is. Is use an ice bath ) first the dough is easy to work with and out! Bake until the crust is golden brown and withstood handling well first to know about new launches... Crust using a 4-inch biscuit cutter moist and light the dough for ;!

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