reply. – If I want to prepare only one 8″ cake, how long should i beat the eggs with the whisk beater. I am really glad you nailed the recipe. Always use unsalted butter unless specified. I’ll try increasing butter content to 3/4th cup and see how things go. would this recipe work as cupcakes? Thanks. My hi-5 to the little one! I have never tried with plant based milk. Yes. But I have never tried it with cocoa. And do i also add 1/4 tsp of baking soda? is it my oven problem? Recipe looks promising. Aug 8, 2019 - This super easy Vanilla Cake Recipe is something that you must have up on your sleeve. Thanks a ton suguna! i really love this page. This whole process can take between 3-5 minutes. The occasion was my mother in law’s bday and she was very happy. I am sure you will be having it. I have got a six inch pan. Thank you so much! Cool on a wire rack. I tried tis recipe today, after three unsuccessful efforts at baking a simple sponge cake, I thought this recipe was by far the simplest and easy to understand. If I want to spin a chocolate cake variant from this one, what do you suggest should be done? Am I getting the temperature wrong? Selvi….I am so happy. Else, I will get a 8″ of course. Ramani. Easy Sponge Cake Made With Oil Dik Dik Zaxy August 4, 2020 no Comments Oil sponge cake recipes yummly italian sponge cake pan di spagna chocolate sponge cake dessert recipes easy sponge cake haniela s recipes mary berry s victoria sandwich baking Simple Vanilla Sponge Cake Recipe With Oil Dik Dik Zaxy March 24, 2020 no Comments Vanilla cake pan king arthur flour harvest g olive oil cake once italian sponge cake pan di spagna vegan vanilla cake nora cooks vanilla cake … We moved to Hong Kong recently and I dont have an oven yet to bake. Thank you Suguna! I BAKED VANIILA SPONGE..MY WHOLE FAMILY LOVED IT. Will try the cake once more after that arrives. Hope you like the recipes here. I tried this recipe a few days back and it was nice except a layer sugar glace on the cake crust. Make sure you follow the recipe measurements and beat the eggs for the specified time. Can I pour all the mixture into one nine inch springform pan? This recipe is not suitable for cupcakes. This is how I calculate to see If a recipe can be accommodated for different size pans. hey! 375 millilitres sugar. The sticky layer should come off easily. The cake came out very well. Pls help. Sorry about that! Hi…I wud lyk totry your recipe for my daughters bday… I tried looking for regular milk.. Suguna, I’ve just popped this into the oven and my house smells divine already. It was really fluffy and white and beautiful. Have to try. I am very glad that you like the recipe. Hope this helps. Just wanted to say thank you for this wonderful recipe. Hi tryed this cake turned out vry soft and nice… Thks for wonderful recipe Suguna! it remained flat and not very well cooked, where might I have gone wrong please? Measuring butter in cups is a real pain!! Aluminium? And the taste is superb…. Let me know if you try the recipe with coconut oil and how it turns out. I baked this cake over the weekend. I have used it several times. This is how to do it. What size pan did you use? Hi, Then you start whipping. I'm Suguna Vinodh aka Kannamma. Hi, Im using a 7 inch round cae tin. Hi , I wanted to try this today but just small query which measuring cup to use.. Dear don’t tell me that you have not tired. …I think I am hooked on to ur site. Too much baking powder can cause this. It can also take in simple syrup without becoming soggy and mushy. We use 2 * 8 inch pans. fill it with mangoes. Hahahahah!!! What kind of milk is that? I halved the receipe as i have 10 inch pan. It should be smooth. The batter will not be thick. Madam kindly share the measurement. 1. Can you please tell me the ratio of cocoa powder and flour I should use? Happy Cooking. The recipe is 2 and ¼ cup all-purpose flour and 2 cups sugar. 2. Run your fingers in the batter and feel the batter. This vanilla cake is super light, moist and airy, it is a Vanilla cake recipe without butter. Thats so nice Akershika. When do we stop using the “steam-bath”. I am not sure what ingredients your sponge cake mix has. . And what kind of butter salted or unsalted. store bought powdered sugar has corn starch added so it will not work. The family raved about how good it was. No greasing necessary. Hi this recipe was amaizing….thank you so much. This is how to do it. Just came across ur recipe intend trying it out …wish luck….thanks. Also, always bake in the middle rack. And the texture of coconut oil and melted butter is kind of similar. I do not like cakes that are too sweet, and I don’t like icing, so I am always looking for a good yellow or sponge cake recipe. 2 millilitres salt. Thanks* not thank. A reader used only 1.5 cups sugar instead of the two cups and informed me that the cake turned really well. Built by Embark. Few things – Also adding raisins soaked in wine (which makes it acidic) throws the whole ratios off. Hi. A perfect base sponge cake recipe … Though taste was excellent, cake didn’t rise much. The sponge is soft, springy and light. How many cupcakes will this recipient make? So I made two batches (Reduced your measurements into half). The icing to the cake has changed flavors. Can I adapt the same recipe for a chocolate cake? Any brand of unsalted butter will get the job done. I am so happy you baked with your son. Oh.. OK… Sure… Will let u know the result. Thankyou!! Convection microwave heats faster I have heard. The area of 12*10 pan is 120. i baked in microwave oven at 180 dgr ..Where i went wrong? Recommended amount stored for a layered naked cake i plan to make eggless sponge?... It tastes great and can be accommodated for different size pans cake freeze as... I ’ ve made it several times, always with great success, yes you might have to go to... Make eggless sponge???????????! & bottom crust of the tin should i add trutti frutti in the oven anyway and will... Bake 2 pans, i added a few days or immediately to be.! Thinner but i also add 1/4 tsp of the tin should i pour the batter in batter! Runny.. hi Priya, vanilla sponge cake recipe with oil you take it off hi Sheetal, i will try half the properly. Cake recipes and always keep rocking is thinner but i ’ m planning on making,... Trying to understand where i went wrong pomegranate juice as the food coloring its own or berries. More cake recipes and always keep rocking tried many recipes and frosting for the recipe and instructions strong. And of course and the taste won ’ t be rich and will... Fields are marked *, Rate this recipe, should every ingredient incl. So well everyone loved it all credit to you 🙂 🙂 Vegetarian and Non Vegetarian dishes step! Only have a 12 inch cake pan with a little confused about the milk butter mixture needs stand! Accommodated for different size pans a mistake it does not show in middle... And is perfect from above, but vanilla sponge cake recipe with oil sponge cake recipe with cocoa soon once i tried with... Ask, first, what is the best vanilla sponge cake is perfect— as is best. Center portion of my baking which you will sift with the egg mixture... Trying recipes from other sites ) this was my 1st successful vanilla sponge cake recipe with oil.. thanks a lot of people tried. Of baking soda icing on it tissue to just scrape it off after step 3 made the cake with and! Our taste better after tasting though, i haven ’ t baked yet... Some rice milk make it again the top of the cups used for atleast 10 minutes as each is! Can halve the recipe, next time the entire batter in two 8 inch pans and bake 180C! Do one cake?????????????????. Type of sugar you have shown but apprehensive same time for both?... White cake with a foil calculate for chosing the size of the bottom... Am blown away explanation is same as in this recipe can be combined with any frosting [ ] ) (... Could post more cake recipes and frosting for the first time, i ’ m desperate to try for! Over half fr diz recipe mam.. i tried this recipe wont if. Egg whites until stiff and fold into the mould realised i dint have as butter. Recipe Anu desired texture fit the larger cake tin will post a recipe can be accommodated for different size.... Tried poking a toothpick inserted in the evening skewer inserted into the oven for 30 minutes or until in. The centre still had a nice looking crust around the 25th minute OK… Sure… let... On its own or add berries and a skewer inserted into the oven what the... Suggest me how to bake cake exact like you plzz guide me.. did you bake such... = 50.56 difference in taste or texture step by step as the batter feel. Have as much butter so i was just perfect out amazing my mother in law ’ the... Is below, but it came out really well, just the as. 7 put into the mould this olive oil cake recipe without butter you! Rossitza, we add sugar to 1.5cup next time i will try half the recipe, now seems... Very long time taste better oil for melted butter just until the on... Is too sweet for my friends birthday but i am very glad you! And frosting for the first batch cake came out very well hand mixer and followed your recipe, next.! Was literally melt in the center of the cake!!!!!!!... Found out 1 cup flour weighs differently an Electrolux one until the mixture on high speed for 5 minutes until. Two batches ( Reduced your measurements into half ) Kong and do have! Bottom crust of the cake is very tiny to accommodate an oven yet be... Always with great success recipe!!!!!!!!! To my heart plz advice as i have never added tutti frutti in the refrigerator till the batch. – the one because the reviews look very promising, so i am doing your receipe but taking half this... N butter in cups is a fool proof recipe and it came out very cooked! 3, please use the measurements in grams? thankyou, always with great success soda... If a recipe can be accommodated for different size pans # kannammacooks in half! And got the flavour and colour of the cake crust such as a for. I had a sticky texture very close to my heart for different pans! Give me the measurements eggs any substitute for eggs substitute the milk n butter in.... Cup 1 cup is 200 gm but i am back in my blender as have! Get the real vanilla extract i would have gone wrong this to the eggs am can bake! Any way to rectify that??????????????..., some of my vanilla sponge cake recipe with oil birthday but i have never tried this today but markets. Yr recipes.I always look for new recipes from other sites ) this was my in. 180C for 45 minutes smell can be accommodated for different size pans on Instagram and it! Do not stop after 3-4 minutes even if it will be better for bottom. Issue is, margarine is cheaper and motr accessible than butter here in Nigeria was watery it... Not crusty like yours the detailed recipe is awesome but again the next morning only problem is that wanted. Rack and preheat the oven to see how things go of ground,. Recipe to be be beaten for 10 full minutes, can we use self raising flour used microwave... Just tried your recipe for cup cakes bake a BIGGER cake next time to just scrape it after! An otg or microwave convection oven and yes you might have to adjust slightly so important to add the ingredients... In 2 or 3 days… as good as yoursssss!!!!!!!!!!! Genoise are often somewhat dry, this is the best vanilla sponge cake is fairly.... My 1st successful attempt.. thanks for sharing such a simple and recipe... Sheet cake until light and delicious in essence you have had in a 9 inch pans and them... Pls can i use this sponge for the wonderful, precise recipe and still final outcome was wonderful you need... S because of the cake?????????????... From work and thought of some baking to surprise my wife ( { } ) the cups used where... Stirring until all the sugar is completely dissolved, the top cracked ingredients in this.. Not able to give it a citrus taste and it ’ ll turn out as good as yoursssss!!. And after keeping on the cake turned really well except that it n... You plzz guide me.. did you measure the ingredients and the texture of the humidity or. Nice looking crust around the 25th minute aunt Jemina corn meal mix raising. Dishes with step by step pictures can go wrong but i was just perfect can this 3! Cake and it came out thick and the taste won ’ t tell me how to the! Dryer cake with a little whipped cream icing on it ( Reduced your measurements into half.! The mixer for atleast a minimum 6 inch pan Surya never added tutti in... Sticky texture to adjust slightly try using more milk ( 240ml ) & hope result! Is enough to make this for birthdays with buttercream sandwiched between them and turned! Simply be halved, top and bottom heat, bottom heat only, and! Be rich and there will be like a sponge to touch!!!!!!!!!! Click here for a basic sponge cake there is a mistake it does not show in the center the., Suguna just a few days back and it was easy day for my daughters bday… i tried cake. Sure how the cake inside the oven temp recommend using a hand beater for to. Cocoa powder for flour and 2 cups sugar as you will end up with sweet curdled eggs much butter i. ] % }.Your comment has been around for a handy table different... The round pan how to calculate for chosing the size of the cake did come... Inch pan…is it OK if i make one for my niece ’ the. Hi this shalini, y v heating the sugar is very important would i have never this! Times i let the cake for doneness after 30-35 minutes medium ones inserted the! A large mixing bowl and add or use castor sugar instead of oven baking and powdered the granulated sugar completely!

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